I have the need to capture things that should not be forgotten.

That’s why I am a creator.

From the thoughts, the fantasies, the dreams and the reality we all have, I will make something you can hold on to forever.

I make it visual, readable, understandable,
but most important; unforgettable.


Femke Sierou Rijpkema
Amsterdam, 1997
film, photo, music, poetry
Academie Artemis Amsterdam

FLOOR -2 // written and directed by sierou

Written and directed by Femke Sierou Rijpkema

Based on a dream I had
04 10 2019 03:54

I was the only one alive
But surrounded by bodies
Souls were floating
In these rivers so bloody

Trembling creatures
They kept coming and coming
You think it’s my fault
But they kept interrupting

Faceless strangers
Unknown beings
Like dirty clothes
Piled up to the ceiling

Dangling individuals
Hung, like in a closet
The leftovers I used
For a mosaic kind of carpet