I have the need to capture things that should not be forgotten.

That’s why I am a creator.

From the thoughts, the fantasies, the dreams and the reality we all have, I will make something you can hold on to forever.

I make it visual, readable, understandable,
but most important; unforgettable.


Femke Sierou Rijpkema
Amsterdam, 1997
film, photo, music, poetry
Academie Artemis Amsterdam

OSSESSIONE // production assistant by sierou

OSSESSIONE is a piece of music, a short film, and a dancing performance: a metaphorical journey originating in a world of noise, consumption, and addiction, portraying the fight to free oneself from the repetitive loop and the relentless search for harmony that can never be gained in the endless feeds of the digital sphere.

Starring: Jackson Carroll & Léa Salomon
Music: Claudio Donzelli

Production: Hometown
Director: Jan Eric Hühn
Director of Photography: Alex Schuchmann
Production Assistant: Femke Rijpkema

Colorist: Christian Richter
Sounddesign: Henric Schleiner (TI:ME:CO:DE)
Edit: Jan Eric Hühn & Alex Schuchmann

Steady Cam: Karsten Jäger (Cineone)
Grip: Chris Baur (Cineone)
Field Recording: Henric Schleiner (TI:ME:CO:DE)
Gear: Cineone & Camaleon Madrid
Location Support: Laurence Burton (Desert Stars), Margaret von Schiller, William Vervloet d’Huart