I have the need to capture things that should not be forgotten.

That’s why I am a creator.

From the thoughts, the fantasies, the dreams and the reality we all have, I will make something you can hold on to forever.

I make it visual, readable, understandable,
but most important; unforgettable.


Femke Sierou Rijpkema
Amsterdam, 1997
film, photo, music, poetry
Academie Artemis Amsterdam

WHAT DO I DO // written and directed by sierou

Written and directed by Femke Sierou Rijpkema

A project about what makes a human.
27 10 2019

I breathe, I speak, I listen
I think, I know, I see

I sleep, I dream, I whisper
I was, I am, I’ll be

I run, I dance, I wander off
I scream, I blink, I lie

I kiss, I trust, I fall in love
I believe, I live, and know I’ll die